In 1992, Jan Markell launched Olive Tree Ministries, Inc, which produces a newsletter internationally titled Prophetic Views Behind The News, hosts conferences on current issues, and produces a weekly live, call in radio program on the Minneapolis/St. Paul affiliate of the Salem Radio Network, KKMS-AM980.


1 The Importance of Understanding the End Times

2 Evil in the Name of God

3 The Religious Left: 1933 - 2005

4 America's Worst  "Best Ally" Saudi Arabia
5 The Burden of Damascus -  Isaiah 17
6 Middle East Totalitarian Temptations Die Hard
7 Replacement Theology Leads to Replacement Reality
8 The Demise and Abuse of Bible Prophecy

9 Will God Allow a Palestinian State?

10 The War Against Bible Prophecy

11 Russian Roulette
12 Desperate Sheep Without a Shepherd
13. 2009: The Year the World Embraced a Single Leader
14. Galloping Globalism
15. What Does it All Mean?
Nations in Distress With Perplexity
Have We Anointed An Unworthy Shepherd? 
When Technology Turns Against Us
God Is Shaking the Nations

Caution: Left Turns Can Be Spiritually Fatal
Now Whose Side is God On?

So Jesus Lived in Occupied Territory?
When Christians Engage In Blood Sport